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Archive for November, 2007


CashQuests Sold For $15k

Posted by Jane on November 19th, 2007

I woke up to find something interesting this morning – CashQuests.com has just been sold for $15,000 on sitepoint.  Given his… errr her income level of $1390 per month, $15k is a fair price. The only reason I find this amusing is because when my partner and I sold one of our large sites earlier this year, Kumiko was very vocal about it. She made sure to post about it in detail and if I recall correctly the tone of the article was condescending. It rubbed me and several people I communicate with in the blogging world the wrong way. She also made sure to comment on this and other blogs to voice her criticisms. So here’s the funny part – she is now “quietly and secretly” selling his/her site when she spent so much time being jealous of criticizing my sale.

Cash Quests Sale


I Haven’t Read CashQuests In Months

Being that I haven’t read Kumiko’s site in months, I’m not sure if there’s still some controversy about whether Kumiko is really a female or a male. I’ve subtly suspected the later as well as many others, but that should actually be a compliment to Kumiko. As we all know the internet and especially the “make money online” niche is very male dominated and if Kumiko’s writing quality and knowledge is good enough for people to think that a male is running the site, then koodos to CashQuests.

Overall CashQuests Is A Good Site

Regardless of the debate about the owner, Cash Quests really is a good site. Here are the things I’ve enjoyed and respected about it:

  • Writing has been quality from the first day.
  • Consistency of writing has been great. It is rare to see this type of perseverence these days as blogs come and go daily, but Cash Quests has consistently posted good, quality content.
  • Each post is very well thought out.
  • Resiliance – even after getting banned from adsense very early in Kumiko’s blogging career, she has continued to add different revenue sources to get her monthly earnings over $1300 per month. That’s a great accomplishment.

There are many lessons to be learned from what Cash Quests has done. Congratulations on the sale and good luck to the new owner. I’m sure the high quality writing will continue.