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3 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague

Posted by admin on July 13th, 2007

In my experience as a blogger, I have learned the hard way of the common mistakes that many bloggers do when they are beginning or when they are trying to make money online from their blog.  I want to list a couple and save you some time trying to figure out why your traffic isn’t consistent or no one is returning to your site.

1. Inconsistent Publishing.  Establishing a goal for yourself prior to writing your first post should be the first thing you do.  Nobody knows when you will be publishing your next post other than yourself.  Having people guess when you have new content is an extra obstacle you are putting in front of your readers blocking the way to your site and being engaged.  You want it to be as easy for someone to come to your site and read new content as possible.  Readers should be able to anticipate when and how often updates occur.

For most blogs, daily updates are probably best, but weekly updates work as well, depending on your topic.  Keep in mind that the less frequent you post, the better quality your posts have to be if you want your readers to return.  That’s like you promoting a party for next Friday; people show up on Friday and they see you sitting on the sofa, party hat on your head, popcorn dish in your hand, and an alarm clock for a radio.  Not much of a party if you ask me.  And you can bet I won’t be coming back to the next one you have.  In either case, pick a posting schedule and stick to it.

If you usually post daily but sometimes let weeks go by without new content, you’ll lose a lot of readers.  A way to battle against writer’s block is to use the time when you are motivated and have tons of ideas to create drafts for future posts.  That way you have them in your manage folder and you can just time-stamp them for those stagnant times.

2. Having A Wide Range Of Topics.  If you haven’t really focused on a niche yet and you’re across the board with different topics, you probably are less likely to attract and maintain a loyal reader base. You might hit on a topic that interest many people, but unless you have similar content that retains the reader and encourages them to come back, that’s probably the last time you’ll ever see that person on your blog.  You may luck out and you may attract those people with too much time on their hands. I wouldn’t mind having those people here on my blog, but the more focused your content, the more focused your readers. The more focused your readers, the more influence you have in your niche. If you have the urge to write about both American politics and the affiliate marketing, then establish two blogs because the same people are not going to like the other topics.

3. Remember Your Kids Will One Day Read Your Posts.  Whenever you post anything to the Internet, regardless of where it is (blog, forum, MySpace), think about how it will look to your children ten or fifteen years down the road. Once stuff’s out, it’s archived, cached, and indexed in many places that you might never be aware of.  Years from now, a college picture you took of yourself while running the “naked mile” across campus might turn up somewhere unexpected.  Why risk having some offensive nasty flames published under your name?  Keep it safe to attract readers.  Although there are plenty of websites out there that are not safe and get tons of traffic.  It’s all about image and the image you want to portray online.Think twice before posting. If you don’t want your future (or current) kids to read it, don’t post.

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