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Which Level Of Difficulty Is Right For You?

Posted by Jane on September 10th, 2007

The online world has tons of opportunities for you to educate, share and grow your revenue. With each money making opportunity comes varying forms of difficulty, barriers to entry, and levels of creativeness required. For those who can master thinking outside the box, there certainly are plenty of ways to monetize your ideas and grow your income significantly.

I Am Just Like You

I started seriously pursuing making money online opportunities about one year ago, but have dabbled with selling products on ebay going as far back as 1998 (haven’t we all? :). Last summer I stumbled across John Chow’s blog when he was first hitting Digg every week and was just barely turning his blog into an income source. At the time I was very impressed with his $1000 – 2000 revenue months. To be honest, I was amazed.

Last month John brought in almost $18,000.  One site, one man, $18,000.  Unbelievable right? Here’s a screen shot of the revenue breakdown:

John Chow's Monthly Revenue

Six months ago, I would have answered yes. Today I can honestly say that all you need is creativity and you can also reach these levels. Some methods take more risk than others, but this level of income can be reached with several different methods.

What Do You Mean By “Creativity Can Make You Money?”

Here’s an example – remember last month John Chow eliminated his 300 x 250 adsense ad block and offered it up for private sale? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it happened something like this (exact $ amounts are probably off but I don’t want to go back and find them). John offered the ad for ~$1000/mo. Someone bought it and flipped it for ~$1500/mo. Then that person flipped it or monetized it to bring in ~$15,000/mo. Again, the details might be a bit off, BUT the point is that these people were readers of John Chow dot com and understood the value his ad space has. They took a large risk to initially buy that ad from John. They combined their intelligence and creativity to make a nice profit.

Can anyone do something like that? Absolutely NOT. You have to be aware of how the online industry works, keep up with trends and valuations, read your butt off, spend hours testing your ideas and THEN, you CAN make transactions like these or create large revenues.

How To Find Your Profitable Niche

We all prefer one thing over another when it comes to online opportunities and that is a good thing. The key is to enjoy the area you decide to pursue. For example – I don’t have my own blog because I don’t really like to write on a daily basis and I don’t have the extra time to write for an hour or two per day, so I eliminated the thought of making money via a blog. On the other hand, marketing and advertising have always appealed to me. I took much of what I’ve learned from the countless hours of reading, researching, designing and testing sites, and applied it to the world of affiliate marketing.

Last month (Aug 1 – 31), my revenue matched John Chow’s revenue but from a completely different method. This will be the first and last time I publish revenue numbers because I’m here to try to provide ideas to help DWI readers generate revenue, but I know seeing numbers can motivate people to see that the opportunities do exist.


I encourage you to think about which online activity you enjoy the most. Then call on all the hours of material you have learned through this blog and the few other good ones and create a strategy on how you can tie everything together. It takes a strong desire and patience, but it can be done.

Yesterday’s How To Find A Profitable Niche got me thinking again about how I can demonstrate to you in a real world example of what will make you money today! I don’t want to give you theory about how to make money from your web site, I want to tell you how it can actually be done right now. So here’s a method I’ve used recently with a lot of success, just not with this particular topic. I am sure this can make money if done right now.

A search on Technorati shows that Paris Hilton is still in the top 10 searches today:

Now that we know people love searching for Paris, lets think of some ways to monetize a niche site based on this. Adsense with some affiliates sprinkled in is an easy way to go.

Find Long-Tail Keywords

It’s time to find some keywords. A great free tool is the Overture Keyword Tool.  When I type in “Paris Hilton”, a ton of results come up (over 1.6 million searches for paris hilton last month alone). We prefer long tail keywords (3+ words), so find the top 5 long tail keywords and write them down. They are: “paris hilton and britney spears”, “paris hilton photo”, “paris hilton video”, etc. (Note: I left out the sexual keywords but you can use those too if you so choose :-)  ).  Now create the content for your page and be sure to include the top 5 long tail keywords you found.

Why Should People Go To Your Site?

This is going to be the key to attracting people to your site – you need to give them something for free! Ready?

There are thousands of free programs available for download on the web. Download.com is one of my favorites. Type in Paris Hilton and see what comes up:

Tons of stuff comes up – great! Find the most appealing free download product and offer it for free on your web site! This is what will appeal to the thousands of people who are interested in Paris and come to your site.

Lastly, blend and insert your adsense ads very well and this is a money maker. You can take an extra step and sprinkle in ringtone and dating affiliate offers through banners on the site. The research for such a site took me 20 minutes and if I use an existing template I own it would take another 2 hours to create the site. Then 30 minutes to insert and blend the ads. Within 3 hours you can have the site up and running and making money! :)

I have not seen this money making method exposed on other blogs and you’d probably have to buy one of those $197 get rich quick scam ebooks to get an idea like this, so take advantage of it and find a creative way to implement it. I’m not saying you have to do this with the Paris Hilton example I gave (I’d actually prefer you not use Paris because there are better money makers out there), but there are thousands of other ways to take this idea and make money with it. Good luck and if you do use it to make money, come back and let us know how it’s doing :-)

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How To Find A Profitable Niche

Posted by Jane on May 16th, 2007

Profitable and popular niches are easy to find as long as you know where to look. If you want to develop a site that you can enjoy writing for and make good money at the same time, then you should look at the sites mentioned below. I use many of these free resources when doing research. Keep in mind that making money from your web site takes research but these tools help save you a lot of time.

Ebay Pulse

Ebay is the worlds largest marketplace so why wouldn’t you go there to find what people are searching for? Here is a link that you must bookmark:

I checked ebay pulse a couple of months ago and saw a new children’s toy called Webkinz in the top 10 searches. I had no idea what Webkinz were so I did a little more research. I still have no idea why they are so popular right now, but they really are. Some things just catch on and others don’t :) Anyways, I checked ebay pulse again today and Webkinz is the #1 searched for item on all of ebay. This could be a ground floor opportunity for someone to start a kids toy site or a toy review site and feature Webkinz. Find an affiliate to sell Webkinz so you can profit from your writing, and if you SEO your site properly you might even start popping up in search engines over time. You can also go the pay per click route and use adwords to drive traffic.

Google News – Fresh Off The Press

The day a big news story hits, there are hundreds of thousands of Google searches for that story. If your blog is geared toward bringing current events to people, be sure to write about the event right away. You can get a lot of targeted traffic from searchers this way. To get news as soon as it hits – you can sign up for Google Alerts and they’ll email you the top stories as soon as they hit.


Every blogger should be aware of Technorati so I’ll keep it short. On Technorati’s home page (top, left sidebar) you can see the top 10 most popular searches at any given time. Paris Hilton and Myspace always tend to be on this list. Alexa has a similar what’s hot feature.

Top 100s

This is a great area for affiliate sales. Find the most popular or top 100 items in different categories.

Billboard.com – Top 100 / most popular current songs. Great for ringtone offers, surveys, online dating.

IMDB – Top 100 movies of all time. Great for movie review sites, Amazon affiliate sales, eBay affiliates, DVD rental sites.

Alexa – Top 100 web sites.

Amazon – Top selling books.

IGN – Top 100 video games of all time.

With some creativity, you can easily incorporate top 100 lists into your web site or the keywords you target.

Monetizing Popular Items

There is usually only a certain amount of time you have to monetize what is popular today; nothing stays popular forever. The good news is once you build a template for your site (or learn to use wordpress), you can reproduce your prior successes over and over by using the same template. You’ll need a host company that will allow you to host multiple domains on the same host account for one monthly fee. Host Monster is a great option for unlimited domain hosting and a low monthly fee ($5.95/month).


Less Adsense Ads Means More Money For You

Posted by admin on May 11th, 2007

I have done an experiment this whole week to test the theory that having less adsense ads on your site gets you more money and I have found it to be true. I used to run the adsense maximum of 3 blocks on my main site: (1) leaderboard; (2) 250 x 250 ad block; and (3) 468 x 60 banner ad. If you add all those up, it’s a lot of ads. The theory is that sites bid for their ads to be placed on contextually relevant web sites with the highest bidders getting the best adsense spots (the higher the better). If you only show 4 ads in 1 block, then adsense will place the highest 4 bidding advertisers in those spaces netting you the highest profit. The more ads you show, the more lower-bidding advertisers show up on your page that when those get clicked, your cpc becomes lower than it could be if they weren’t on your page to begin with.

My Test

A few weeks ago, I removed the 468 x 60 banner ads I ran at the bottom of every post. This increased overall cpc by a small margin. My biggest money makers were always the leaderboard and 250 x 250 block so getting rid of the banner was a no brainer. This week I removed the 250 x 250 block, leaving only my leaderboard and boy was I surprised at the results. My cpc nearly doubled and I had a close to record day in earnings. Everyone thinks that the more ads you have the more your site will make but my experiment has proved otherwise.

I am aware that these results may have been caused by the content I posted this week because earnings do increase and decrease based on content, but so far I am satisfied with the income from only having 1 ad block. I will continue to play with the ad placement and style because you can never test too much.

What are some of your experiences with adsense ads? Do you notice increases or decreases based on number of ads and content? Please leave your comments below and let me know :-)