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Common SEO Misconceptions

Posted by admin on July 5th, 2007

If you’re new to blogging, the internet, or to online marketing, you may have come across the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and heck, you might have even dabbled a bit with it.  As I get more and more emails about people trying to SEO their website I have noticed that there are many SEO misconceptions out there.  Now let’s get them out of your head now so that you don’t spend a lot of wasteless time following false assumptions.

What are some of these SEO misconceptions? 

Here are some examples:

“We’ve got to get more sites to link to us so that our ranks will improve!” There are so many reasons for you to get inbound links.  But if the only reason you set out to get more links is so that Google will rank you higher, you are missing the big picture. Inbound links are access points that help people visit your site.  In other words, it increases visibility of your blog.  They can be excellent, direct sources of targeted traffic!  And we all love targeted traffic, some pay lots for targeted traffic :-)

“Our site is doing great! We ranked #1!” Ranked #1 for what? Starting now, forget about having “We ranked #1” in your vocabulary and replace it with “We ranked #1 for the term ______”. Ranks aren’t too important unless they are tied to a meaningful target keyword.

For example, I just did a search for Jane May and I came up at the number 1 spot for all the major search engines according to Shoemoney’s SERP tool.  That’s great, but who is really going to search for Jane May and do I really want those people finding me????  Hmmmm…Good question.


“We’re only going to promote our home page.” SEO is not about your site’s homepage, it’s about every page of your blog. Every single page in your website stands on its own and they can either sink or swim.  If you approach SEO as a page-by-page endeavor, you will be on a surer path to success.  Focus on unique and relevant titles with keywords in addition to having them in the text.

“We’ve filled in our meta keywords tag…we’re good to go!” The meta keywords tag carries very little influence with the search engines, and it’s certainly not going to do much for your ranks.  If you do want to focus on the meta aspect of SEO, then stick with the description tags, they carry more weight.

Our site gets a ton of traffic! We’re so popular, we’re destined for top ranks.” Search engines don’t have insider information about your overall web traffic, so they don’t know exactly how popular your site is. But they can count up how many sites link to you, and this is a way to measure your site’s popularity.

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