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Learn How To Do A Keyword Analysis Part III

Posted by Jane on July 27th, 2007

This will be the last post of the Learn How To Do A Keyword Analysis series.  I left you with part II of doing a Keyword Analysis where I explained the differences and opportunities there are by having misspelled words.   Today I want to briefly talk about other keyword considerations as you are finalizing your keyword list.

Hyphenated words

Let’s go back to your list of keywords that we’ve been working with throughout this series.  Take a look at it and see if you have any hyphenated words on your list that could be used without the hyphen, or vice versa. Some terms are commonly used both ways, so find out what people are searching most for and stick to that one.  Here are two examples:

Two terms that come to mind are ecommerce and e-commerce.  Both of these words are fairly similar in how many people search for these terms.  A little over 50 percent of searches using the latter term.

The dash in “e-mail” is far less frequently used, with “email” being the most common term.

Essentially, find hyphenated words, add both forms to your list, and decide which one is more common because search engines treat them as different searches.

Web Tip:

Search engines generally treat a hyphen as a space. So searching for sock-puppets is the same as searching for sock puppets. However, there is a real big difference between e-commerce and ecommerce.

Geo-specific terms

Geo stands for Geography.  Is you website or business heavily reliant on geography? Are you selling shirts in Seattle or socks in New Mexico? Don’t forget to include terms that include your city, state, or other nearby cities.

A good example of this is Nate Whitehill.  He’s based out of Arizona and advertises his Infinfx web hosting business as Scottsdale Web Design & Hosting.  If you do a google search for “Scottsdale Web Hosting” Infinfx shows up #2 for that search.

Other company names

If people will likely be searching for companies similar to yours, add those companies and products to your list. That’s not to say you should use these keywords in your pages. But it’s nice to know what people are looking for and how often they’re looking.  It’s a competitive analysis sort of speak.

If anyone else has different strategies as to how they do their analysis, I’d love to hear about them.  I am always learning new things everyday :-)

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