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Silly Rabbit, Tricks Are For Kids

Posted by Jane on July 7th, 2007

In this case, there are no rabbits or kids, there are search engines that don’t like tricks played on them.  I gave you some Pearls of Wisdom in regards to gaming google not to long ago.  I wanted to follow that post up with some of the things that search engines dislike and can be considered “Blackhat” when talking about Search Engine Optimization.

The search engines know of many sneaky ways that webmasters try to get undeserved ranks. If they discover that you’re trying to do this, I wish you luck!   Some possible things that may happen are having your rank downgraded, or even your whole site could be banned. This most certainly will change your “earn money online” mentality right away!  Even if your site is never caught and punished, over time your tricky techniques might eventually stop working.

A couple of reasons why search engines can blacklist you include:

Duplicate content.  You might think to yourself, if one website brings you sales, why not make a bunch of identical websites with different names and get even more sales? The problem with this kind of thinking is that it ignores the big headache it causes for searchers. If the search engines listed identical content multiple times, it would destroy the results, which would destroy their usefulness to the searcher. So, if the search engines catch on to duplicate content schemes, they’re likely to knock you down in the ranks.

Keyword stuffing.   Repeating the same word or words over and over again so that your page looks like an industry-specific grocery list is another great way to get noticed by the search engine cops.  Even if you don’t get noticed, it’s pretty horrible to see lists of the same words over and over as a reader.  There’s a place for your keywords list, it’s called your meta keywords tag!  Or better yet, download the SEO plugin and you’re on easy street.

Invisible text.  One sure way to get yourself spotted by the Google cops is by making a ton of keywords invisible by making them the same color as the background. The search engines caught on to this one a long time ago, and they’re not likely to let you get away with it.

Hopefully you all know this stuff by now and you haven’t gotten blacklisted.  But if not, there are and infinite number of domains you can buy to start over again.  I’d like to hear from some of you if you’ve experienced getting banned by Google for a dumb reason or if you heard of someone getting blacklisted.

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