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What Bloggers Can Learn From Paris Hilton

Posted by Jane on June 7th, 2007

It’s only been three days and Paris has already been released from prison. I will not focus on how ridiculous this is since she was sentenced to 45 days. It is very disappointing that this comes after all the hype of the judge doing a good job of not giving Paris special treatment and sentencing her like every other normal person who gets caught drunk driving, without a valid license three times in six months.  So instead of ranting and raving about this, I’d like to focus on the positive and look at how bloggers can try to receive similar “special treatment”.

  • Always smile no matter what is happening. When communicating with your readers via email, instant messenger, your writing or in person, be sure to always appear happy about the communication. Even if your blog is getting little traffic, revenues are down or your server has crashed, still smile.
  • Get your face seen everywhere possible. Get out and market, market, market! If there is a blog carnival in your niche, enter it. If there is a more popular blog around, comment on it. If you have something to share with an A-list blogger, email them.
  • Create a little controversy. State your honest opinion in your posts even if it will stir up controversy. If you believe in a particular opinion you have, state it clearly. If people get upset with you, you’ll get backlinks. As Guy Kawasaki likes to say, “no PR is bad PR”.
  • Make a video blog. Instead of always writing on your blog, create some videos for your readers to see you in action. Shoemoney has tried to blog in video format and John Chow often posts short videos of himself.

In conclusion, no matter how unbelievable and ridiculous the Paris situation is, we can all work on marketing ourselves a little better. That’s really the only thing Paris does decently.

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